Submissions from 2009

Implementation of a Software Transactional Memory System in Prolog, Kirtis L. Carpenter

Transforming XML into a Relational Database Using XML Schema, Amy Flik

Identification of High-risk and Low-risk Groups among Men Who Chew Tobacco through Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Support Vector Machines (SVM), Divya Gunda and Manjari Vadlapatla


Anaglym: A Graphics Engine Providing Secure Execution of Applications, Josh Holtrop


"Mashup in a Day", A Mashup Lesson Plan, Jane McGookey

Enhancing SAS Online Application System, Khaja Naseeruddin Syed

Cloud Computing- CS 692 Presentations, Nikita Parikh, Ankita Nagpal, Brian Harvey, Elizabeth McGovern, Shiv Dayal Maen, Subash Anam, and Pashupati Kasaju


ANZBC, Alex Patterson


Binary Usenet Application, Alexander J. Patterson


Program Assessment System, Dyana Polderdyk

Laboratory-based versus non-laboratory-based method for assessment of cardiovascular disease risk: fatal event prediction using the NHANES III Linked Mortality File in proportional hazards modeling, Kevin Purdue

A SQL-Based Implementation for the Discovery of Frequent Itemsets, Christopher Reader


Microsoft Silverlight Photography Framework: Comparing Component Based Designs in Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight, David Roossien

Evaluating Clinical Information Systems - How the Electronic Medical Record is Used in Hospitals in Michigan, Nonhlanhla Sibanda

Educational Information Exchange (EIX), Carl Williams

RDSExpress – A Simple RDS Messaging Solution, Mark Wittkoski

Submissions from 2008

Issues In Open Source Software (OSS), Divya Abbagani, Harsha Lella, Jeffrey Martin, Sherzod Odinaev, and Silpa Pathapati

Using Distributed Computing to Find Large Prime Numbers, Alec Dhuse Alec

High-Performance Distributed Computing, Vinay Alofs

Process Reporting Information Monitoring System (PRIMS.NET), David J. Bass

Revisiting Marcus’s 1993 Paper and Reflecting on Evolution, Varsha Chaphalkar

Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Process, Parvez Gaggutur, Varun Reddivari, and Naga Puligadda

Developing an Interactive P2P-Water Modeling System, Chunhui Han


Utilizing AJAX Calls to Separate the Presentation & Application Layers in Web Applications, Kevin Holleran

DocumentCenter: A Document Management System, Yuri Kazarov

Does Test Driven Development Yield a Good Design?, Chris King


Inspired Design: Using Interdisciplinarity And Biomimicry For Software Innovation, Steven A. Korecki

Task Management Application Prototype for the iPhone OS, Harold Kuhn

Advancement of ERP in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Ramya Mannar, Vinay Ponnekanti, and Sai S. Dwarknath

Considering the Critical Success Factors for ERP Implementation, Archana Molugu, Craig Witter, and Ravindran Vellore

Mapping between State Charts and Event Driven Petri Nets, Larry Osterbaan

AJAX Tutorial, Pramod Rane

A Study on the Impact of Information Technology Use on Nonprofit Organizations, Ashima Saigal

Analysis of Various Issues affecting ERP Implementation, Arul Vannalaa, Shwetha Kundanam, and Sindhu Malla

Submissions from 2007

Mobile Transaction Management - (A Survey of Transaction Processing on Mobile Hosts), Aishwarya Apte, Jennifer Kasul, and Manasa Maraboyina

Outsourcing, Holly B. Barsamian, Mark Brouwer, Haritha Chandupattla, Venkata R. Dasam, Aravind G. Mandadi, Namrata Mangu, Shakthi K. Nandivada, Robert E. Pratt, Eric J. Thorsen, Vishnu Yada, and David A. Young

Constraining Protein Structure Simulation Using Robotic Techniques with Aggregate Data, Eric Bracey

Semantic Web, Rajani Choudhary, Mansoor Farook, and Harshita Malhotra

A Bibliographic Retrieval System Using Lucene and Digester, Suvarna V. Damodaran

An Exploration of Business Rules Engines, Patrick Dunlap, Quentin Reader, and Jeff Ryan

Compiler Design Using Template “Meta-Programming”, Amer Gerzic

Implementation of ODscan: An Algorithm for Mining Frequent Itemsets, Brenda Marie Harvey

Virtualization in an Enterprise Environment, Mary Jo Hills, Adeel Khan, and Ryan Smallegan

A Performance Study of Object Relational Databases, Tariq Lahyani

High-Performance Computation of Voronoi Diagrams using a Graphics Processing Unit, Igor Majdandzic

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Middleware for Existing Data Collection Systems, John Manilla


Jipange Kifedha - A Distributed Dot Net Expense Manager Application Demonstrating the MVC Pattern, Leecox Omollo

A Visualization of 2-3-4 Trees Using Jhave, Sudhakar Pandurangan

An Implementation Using Oracle Spatial, Scott Riblet

A Study on the Impact of Information Technology Use on Nonprofit, Ashima Saigal

Explore Mashup, Sudhir Waghmare

Submissions from 2006


Testing Programs That Contain OpenMP Directives, Bob Barnhart

Comparison of Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering Utilizing an Apriori Itemset Lattice with Term Based Vectors versus Bisec, Casey R. Bartman

TIC: Term Intersection Clustering of Text Documents, Casey R. Bartman

Implementation Plan for End-to-End Performance Monitoring of a Distributed Application, Steve Boeve

sing Experimental Protein Data to Construct a Configuration Space for Protein Folding Simulation Using Motion Planning Tech., Eric Bracey

Serf Engine – Reusable and Reusable Framework, Tina Ehlizevak

XCOM: The OpenGL Dancing Robot, Carl Furrow


Cross-Platform Podcast Feed Authoring Application, Brian P. Geary

An Exemplary Procedural Implementation and Testing of a Calendar Problem, Ryan Harrelson

A Database-Based Engine to Execute Time-Enabled Event Driven Petri Nets, Andrew G. Lewis


Web-based Dynamic Database Creation, Andrew G. McGuckin

Web-Based Test Review System: Guidelines and Best Practices for Program Assessment., Christine K. Mwanyika

Building Composite Web Services Using BPEL, Jaweed I. Niyamathullah


Web-Based User Interface Guidelines and Best Practices for Program Assessment, Claudia Pedreros-Oviedo

A Database-Based Engine to Execute Event Driven Petri Nets with n-Connected Threads, Daniel M. Renne


TL1 Agent/Node Walker, David W. Sisson

Teaching High Performance Computing in a High School Classroom, Joseph Smith

An Exemplary Object-Oriented Implementation and Testing of a Calendar Problem, Bethwel Tanui