Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants

Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants




Comparative Analysis of CCSSM and State Standards, Lisa Kasmer and Dawn Teuscher

Ideology, Political Discourse, and Political Struggle in Early America, Devereaux Kennedy

Building Relationships: A Pediatric Physical Therapist's Use of Play During Intervention Sessions, Lisa Kenyon

Games in the Circumpolar World: Inuit & Sami, John Kilbourne

Examining Gender and Authoritarian Values During the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, Howard Kilburn and Melissa McCleod

American Religion and Support for the Use of Torture, Howard W. Kilburn and Brian J. Fogarty

Framing Afghanistan as a "War of Necessity", Erika King and Robert A. Wells

Dealing with Public Order under the Community Policing Paradigm, Brian Kingshott and Michael Palmiotto

Corporate Sustainability, Ashok Kumar

Corporate Sustainability: Fierce Urgency of Now!, Ashok Kumar

Priming Shows that Episodic Memory is Structured According to Perceptual Events, Christopher Kurby and Jeffrey M. Zacks

Board Game Project Ideas for CS 1 and CS 2, Zachary Kurmas and James Vanderhyde

Chinese Literati's Utopian Flight: Garden Banquets and Li Bai's Poetic Preface, Sufen Lai

Folklore and Mythology, Sufen Lai

Sustainability as a Core Issue in Diversity and Critical Thinking Education, Danielle Lake

Symbolic Providers Help People Regulate Affect Relationally: Implications for Social Support Theory, Brian Lakey and Corey Cooper

Through the Traveler s Eyes: E.G. Squier’s Narratives and The Construction of Race in Honduras, Jose Lara

Water Evaporation from Tropospheric Aerosols, Christopher Lawrence and Patrick Louden

2011 International Ceramic Art Symposium in Japan, Hoon Lee

A Bi-partisan Deal: Stopping the Voices in Cyberspace, Danielle Leek

Environmental Pro-Activity and Geographic Diversification: Assessing the Impact on the Choice of Geographic Expansion, Kevin Lehnert

Creativity and Repetition: Consumer Recall and Wearout, Kevin Lehnert, Brian D. Till, and Brad D. Carlson

Ferris Valley Foods Company: Corporate Social Responsibility and Reentry, Nancy Levenburg

Pieces of Food and Culture: Yuan Mei and His Recipe Book Suiyuan Shidan, Yan Liang

Grain Production Trends in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan: New Opportunities in Increasingly Unstable World?, Elena Lioubimtseva and G. M. Henebry

Environmental Education and Stewardship Through Direct Action, Civic Engagement and Community-Based Research in the Great Lakes Region, Elena Lioubimtseva, J. Vail, and D. Koetje

Superficial Notions of Evolution: Eliot's Bergsonian Critique of Darwinian Historiography, Benjamin Lockerd

Anthropometric, Dietary, and Psychosocial Characteristics of Under-Reporters of Energy: a Study among Middle-Class, African American Women, Debbie Lown, Hannah Hollandsworth, Yeni Nieves, Sandra Gomez, and Christina Beaudoin

Design of Size Flexible and Leak Preventing Hydrobushing, Min Lu

Reviving the Soul of Revolution: Rediscovering Leftist Spirituality, George Lundskow

8 Variations, One Crazy, On Ah! Vous Dirai-je, maman, Giuseppe Lupis

Two Concerts, Giuseppe Lupis

Results of an Intensive Hippotherapy Program on Gait and Speech, Beth Macauley

Scalping and Pathological Indicators in the Late Historic Period from Saugatuck, Michigan, Gwyn Madden

Let’s Talk about Sex: Testing Methods of Identification on Metacarpals and Metatarsals of Um Et Jamal, Jordan, Gwyn Madden and Caitlin Hoop

Chairing a Competition Jury Panel, Kevin Maloney

Masterclass and Recital Performance, Kevin Maloney

Body Parts Correlates of Early-Learned Verbs in Children, Josita Maouene, Meghan Nesheim, Amber Sepsey, and Mounir Maouene

Teaching Basic Mineralogy and Map Skills while Searching for a Diamond Deposit, Stephen Mattox and Jessica Ketelaar

Violin Recital and Masterclass, Gregory Maytan

Collaborative Spaces, Collaborative Learning: Giving Student Consultants an Intellectual Framework for Collaborations in the Library, Hazel McClure, Patrick Johnson, and Julie Garrison

Requirements Development for an ERP Enabled Systems Analysis and Design Course, Thomas McGinnis and Meagen Luttenton-Knoll

Historical Trauma and Cultural Memory in Marianela Medrano’s Diosas de la Yuca, Christopher McGrath

Acquisition of /s/ by Second Language Learners of Spanish, Mandy Menke and Timothy L. Face

Conference in the Classroom: Teaching wtih Technology, Mandy Menke and Janel Pettes Guikema

The Kalamazoo Promise and Promise-type Programs: The Role of Universality, Michelle Miller-Adams

Integrating Climate Change for Elementary Pre-Service Teachers: Tales from the Field, Heather Miller, Pablo Llerandi-Román, Steven Mattox, Chris Dobson, and Matthew Ludwig

The Craft Analogy and Poetic Narrative: Some More Platonic Roots of MacIntyre's Moral Philosophy, Mark Moes

Health Disparities and the Role of Government in the Developing Countries - An Ethnographic Study, Azizur Molla

Power of Culture in Sustaining Safe Water and Sanitation Use in Rural Bangladesh ---- An Ethnographic Study, Azizur Molla

Paper Presentation, Melissa Mosko

Achieving Excellence in Sustainability: A Case Study of Grand Valley State University, Jaideep Motwani, Wendy Wenner, Norman Christopher, and Olwen Urquhart

Family Controlled Firms: Information Content in Schedule 13D Filings, Paul Mudde and Sri Sundaram

Family Controlled Firms: Information content in Schedule 13D Filings, Paul Mudde and Sri Sundaram

Individual, Dauvan Mulally


Unraveling Students’ Spiritual Identities Using a Photovoice Method: Implications for MSW Programs, Cray Mulder

Technological Resources in Student Assessment: Consequences as Experienced by Social Work Students, Cray Mulder and Muthoni Imungi

Synthesis and Fluorescence Properties of C-6 Modified 2’Deoxynucleosides, Felix Ngassa, Alexandra Gabrielli, Maxwell Wingellar, Matt MacRae, and Goodwill Nwokocha

World Premier Performance of Sonata by Victor Marquez and Jeu D'Esprit by Augusta Reed Thomas, Jonathan Nichol

Introduction to Digital Circuits Laboratory Using FPGA Tools and Systems, Chirag Parikh, Bruce Dunne, and Andrew Sterian

Ecohumanities and Service Learning: New Directions in Pedagogy, Kelly Parker

What Ought We to Sustain? A Pragmatic Framework for the Question, Kelly Parker

Homeorhetic Adaptation During the Pregnancy to Lactation Transition: Role of Solute Transporter Genes in Key Metabolic Tissues, Osman Patel and Karen Plaut

Pasternak's Approach to Translating Shakespeare's Humor, Svetoslav Pavlov

PR in Practice: Using Videos vs Guest Speakers for the Fndamentals of Public Relations Course, Tim Penning

PR in Pop Culture: Does it Matter, and What if it Does?, Timothy Penning

Claudia Jone's Ellis Island Detention Jeremiads: Diasporic Imaginings of 'A More Perfect Union', Rachel Peterson

Deformation and Metamorphic Constraints on Aluminous Rocks from the Chunky Gal Mountain Fault in the Jake Ridge Exposure, Southwestern North Carolina, Virginia Peterson and Chadwick Williams

Capitalizing on Industry Partnerships to Improve Assessment Processes, Chris Plouff

Integration of Professional Skills and Academic Content during Co-op Semesters via Distance Learning Modules: Review of Results from a Pilot Program, Chris Plouff and Nael Barakat

Do Online Out-of-Class Quizzes Make a Difference in Student Achievement?, Sandra Portko

No Difference in Power Output for Seated Versus Standing Position During the Wingate Anaerobic Power Test, Jeffrey Potteiger, Jacob Hamm, Mark Walsh, and Dean Smith

Fashion and Nation in Rosa Chacel's Teresa, Gabriela Pozzi

Government Information Awareness across Academic Peer Groups, Elizabeth Psyck

Librarians A-Twitter: How to Use Twitter for Networking and Professional Development, Elizabeth Psyck

Assessment of the CATME Perr Evaluation Tool Effectiveness, Chris Pung

Unitization And The Word Frequency Effect In Associative Recognition, Joel Quamme

Trisecants of Polygonal Knots, Teresita Ramirez-Rosas

Alliance Healthcare Network: Using A Balanced Scorecard to Motivate Change, Paulette Ratliff-Miller and Anne Sergeant

Teaching Strategies for a Senior Information Systems Project Management Course: Simulation or Case-Study?, John Reynolds

Model Curriculum "Wiki" Birds of a Feather Panel Session, John Reynolds, M. R. Lind, B. R. Hall, W. Chen, N. Khatib, J. S. Babb, H. Leal, W. E. Pauli, D. Schwieger, K. Surendran, and R. Subramanian

Development of a New Undergraduate Program in Biomedical Engineering, Samhita Rhodes and Charles Standridge

Using a Mock Trial to Educate, Motivate, and Challenge Students in an Upper Level General Education Geoscience Course, Peter Riemersma

National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) Accreditation and its Implications for Film/Video Production Programs, Kim Roberts, Toni Perrine, John Douglass, David Shulman, and Rob Yeo

Expectations and Reflection Explain the Knobe Effect, Brian Robinson, Mark Alfano, and Paul Stey

Re-imagining the Idealized Past in Ashikari, Jeremy Robinson

The Limits of "Limited Blockage" Frankfurt-Style Cases, Michael Robinson

Advance One Space: Instructional Game Design as the Next Move for Composition and Game Studies, Monica Robinson

Zebra vs. Hats: Exploiting the Lexical Ambiguity of the Word Random, Neal Rogness, Jennifer Kaplan, and Diane Fisher

Proposing a Restaurant Preference Behavior Model for Casual Dining Patrons, Scott Rood and Joanna Dziadkowiec

Fighting the Peace at Home: Mexican American Veterans and the 1944 GI Bill of Rights, Steven Rosales

Macho Nation? Chicano Soldiering and Masculinity During the Vietnam War Era, Steven Rosales

Teaching Photovoice in a Research Methods Course, Debra Ross and David Burlingame

The Need (Still) for White Collar Crime Courses in Criminal Justice Curriculum?, Debra Ross and Kimberly Greenlees

Why We Need Dialogue About Marxism and Liberal Education, Stephen Rowe

Genetic Demography of Pteronotus Parnellii Reveals Historic Isolation of Island Populations, Amy Russell, Winston Lancaster, and Liliana Davalos

The Silken Thread: Pawel Huelle's Amicable Polemic with the Catholic Church in Poland, Christine Rydel

Integrating Sustainability Into a Business School Course: A Case Study, James Sanford

Dual Process Models of Reasoning Accommodate Debiased Logical Reasoning Performance, Walter Sá

Sharing the Caribbean Slavery Experience: The Caribbean Heritage Tourism Project, Michael Scantlebury and Audrey Rosenau