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Aims & Scope

The Journal of Tourism Insights, an electronic journal, promotes applied research in the commercial recreation, event and travel industries that will educate practitioners, educators, and students on relevant issues that enable organizations to be more effective and efficient.

Research article submissions in this journal typically undergo a double blind review process. Some of the key criteria for evaluation include innovativeness of research ideas, rigor and quality of research, clarity, and relevance.

General principles:

  • It is our intention to encourage an interchange between managers, educators and researchers.
  • The journal is multidisciplinary, and will cover issues relevant to operations, marketing, finance, personnel and the environment.
  • Contributors are encouraged to identify the practical implications of their work for the management and industry as a whole.
  • Articles need to be based on experience and evidence rather than pedagogy or philosophy.
  • Co-authored contributions from educators and managers on collaborative work are particularly welcome.