Description: the advent of the 2012 Author Recognition Reception and the publication of this bibliography, we celebrate faculty and staff members at Grand Valley State University who in 2011 contributed their scholarship, research, and creative efforts to West Michigan and the world. We hope the libraries’ resources and services contributed to your success.

Works in this Author Bibliography run the gamut from deeply researched scholarly monographs to grant-funded research articles in peer-reviewed journals to highly creative works of fiction, drama, poetry, and media. Authors represent all the colleges and many other units in the university. Works are grouped by type and are indexed both by author and by department.

We are on the cusp of a time when traditional scholarly publishing models will give way to new models that provide both free access and broader permissions to use and re-use information with proper attribution; make text and data mining easier; use social media to connect global research communities; and redefine textbooks as affordable, portable, interactive learning devices. In preparation, we are building the libraries’ capacity to support authors and creators who are working at the leading edge of these changes.

For example, we know that making peer-reviewed articles open access (an option offered by most major journal publishers) ensures greater exposure for an author’s work. But it often involves payment of fees to the publisher. So this year the Grand Valley libraries began offering Open Access Publishing grants to help GVSU authors cover up to $3,000 of these fees. The grants are administered through the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence website.

ScholarWorks@GVSU is another way for authors to increase the impact of their scholarship. Most publishers allow authors to deposit the final peer-reviewed manuscript in a digital archive like ScholarWorks. Once there, the papers can be discovered by Google Scholar and other Internet search engines and can be read in their entirety by users from any place in the world without charge. There is no question it works—the 4,400 papers in ScholarWorks were downloaded more than 130,000 times last year, and visitors came to the site from 145 countries and from every state in the U.S. If you would like to expand the reach of your published scholarship by making your manuscripts available through ScholarWorks, please contact your liaison librarian.

Again, congratulations on your publishing accomplishments. It is our great pleasure to celebrate with you!

Lee C. Van Orsdel

Dean of University Libraries

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