2014 Big Data Conference Program, Big Data Conference

A Statistical Analysis on the Likelihood of Independent Occurrences of Serious Residential Fires, Paul Stephenson

Building a Better Stockbroker: Constructing an Ontology-Based Financial Knowledge Base, Logan Westrick

Connections and Overlap between Capacity Building Measures, Nonprofit Management Competencies and Training Needs of Nonprofit Managers, Heather Carpenter


Creating “Baseball Motion Graphs”, Edward Aboufadel

Graphing Big Data Using the SAS© System, Laura Ring Kapitula


High Performance Statistical Computing, David Zeitler

Mining Enormous Mobile Datasets to Improve Mitigation Strategies for Limiting the Spread of Infectious Disease, Nicholas Vogel

New Curriculum Development in Data Science Programs, Paul M. Leidig

The Tortoise and the Hare: Men are More Likely than Women to Slow in the Marathon, Robert Deaner

Tutorial: NVivo 10, Mario Adkins

Visualizing Lake Michigan Wind, Aaron Clark


Visual Thinking, Andy Van Solkema