Biological and Chemical Physics


High-resolution imaging experiments combined with new electronic structure and dynamics calculations strongly indicate that the O(3P)+O2 products with very low kinetic energy release (Etr<0.2 eV) formed in the deep UV (226 nm) photodissociation of ozone reflect excitation of the Herzberg states of O2: A' 3Δu(v=0, 1, 2) and A 3Σ+u(v=0, 1). This interpretation contradicts the earlier assignment to very high (v≥26) vibrational states of O2(3Σ-g).


Original Citation: R. Schinke, G. C. McBane, L. Shen, P. C. Singh, and A. G. Suits. Production of O2 Herzberg states in the deep UV photodissociation of ozone. J. Chem. Phys., 131:011101, 2009.