Potential energy surfaces, He–CO, Low-energy scattering




A weakness of the ‘‘CBS + corr” He–CO potential energy surface (Peterson and McBane, 2005) has been rectified by constraining the potential to adopt accurate long-range behavior for He–CO distances well beyond 15a0. The resulting surface is very similar to the original in the main part of the interaction. Comparison with accurately known bound-state energies indicates that the surface is slightly improved in the region sampled by the highest lying bound states. The positions of shape and Feshbach resonances within a few cm1 of the j 1/4 1 excitation threshold are essentially unchanged. The low-energy scattering lengths changed noticeably. The revised surface generates a small negative limiting scattering length for collisions with 4 He, while the original surface gave a small positive one. Both surfaces yield scattering lengths quite different from the widely used surface of Heijmen et al. (1997) for both He isotopes.


Original Citation:

McBane, G. C. (n.d.). A three-dimensional He–CO potential energy surface with improved long-range behavior. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy.

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