Biological and Chemical Physics


The photodissociation of OCS at 157 nm has been investigated by using tunable vacuum ultraviolet radiation to probe the CO and S photoproducts. Sulfur is produced almost entirely in the 1S state, while CO is produced in its ground electronic state and in vibrational levels from v=0-3 in the appropriate ratio (v=0):(v=1):(v=2):(v=3) = (1.0):(1.0):(0.5):(0.3). The rotational distribution for each vibrational level is found to be near Boltzmann, with temperatures that decrease from 1350 K for v=0 to 780 K for v=3. Measurements of the CO Doppler profiles demonstrate that the dissociation takes place from a transition of predominantly parallel character (β=1.8±0.2) and that the CO velocity and angular momentum vectors are perpendicular to one another.

Original Citation

Strauss, C. E., McBane, G. C., Houston, P. L., Burak, I., & Hepburn, J. W. (1989). The 157 nm photodissociation of OCS. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 90(10), 5364–5372. https://doi.org/10.1063/1.456443