A BarterBoard System Implementation using .NET

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Dr. Jagadeesh Nandigam, nandigaj@gvsu.edu

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A barter board is a place for people in a certain community to be engaged in the exchange, purchase, or sale of goods, wares, merchandise, or other items of interest.

This project is an implementation of a barter board system using the .NET platform. Currently the system provides posting, buying, searching, editing, deleting and viewing history features. The posting feature allows users to post item(s) on the barter board for sale. The buying feature allows users to buy item(s) they want on the barter board. The viewing history feature allows users to view their posting history through the barter board. The editing feature allows the users to edit and/or delete posted items. The application is implemeted using the following technologies and tools - C#, ASP.NET, MySQL, and Visual Studio.NET.

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