Proximity Synchronization for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Document Type

Thesis Proposal


Mike Lingg

Lead Author Type

CIS Masters Student


Dr. Greg Wolffe, wolffe@gvsu.edu

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Wireless sensor networks are designed to be used anywhere that monitoring of widely-dispersed geographic areas is required. Sensor networks can provide automated monitoring with high precision at low cost over long periods of time. In order to achieve the conflicting goals of high precision at low cost, software algorithms can be used to ensure the correctness of important metrics such as accurate timing measurements. The area of focus in this investigation is increasing the accuracy between the clocks of different sensor nodes, for the purpose of improving the accuracy of time-sensitive data acquisition. We propose to develop an improved method of clock synchronization suitable for mobile sensor networks. Our goal is to design, implement and test a clock synchronization protocol that provides for increased accuracy or lower power consumption, depending on user needs.

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