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The Grand Valley State University Art Gallery has over ten thousand works of original art, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and more. A large portion of this collection is displayed across GVSU's campuses. These pieces of art are used by students for courses and research and are also simply enjoyed by people each day as they encounter them on campus. Although each individual work has a placard describing it and its artist, these do not help people locate specific works of art around the different campuses and buildings. Furthermore, the amount of information that can be displayed on a work of art is limited to the size of the placard. Another difficulty is that there is no way for a person to share or comment on a work of art that they really appreciate. This project addressed these problems by developing and deploying a mobile application that allows users to browse and locate works of art using their iPhone and its network connection and GPS capabilities. Furthermore, users can use the application to go on virtual art tours, and they can interact with their friends around a piece of art via integration with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, all from their iPhone. (11503 kB)
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