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Dr. Jonathan Engelsma,

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Video games continue to be a growing and vibrant industry. These games have an unprecedented ability to persuade their players to overcome gameplay challenges. As educators struggle to motivate the learners in their classroom, games provide a great opportunity to enrich the education curriculum. The use of games for this purpose is the primary goal of the growing serious games field. ParabolaX is a serious game designed to teach principles of quadratic functions [1]. ParabolaX was developed with two gameplay versions: full and basic. The basic version eliminated many game features. Leaners played ParabolaX during a single classroom session and took surveys before and after they played. Learner scores on quadratic problems before playing were not significantly different than scores after playing ParabolaX, t(65) = -0.486, p = 0.629. Learners that played the full version that included all game like features did not show significantly different engagement indicators than those who

played the basic version. Learner engagement did not differ based on gender or prior experience playing digital games. 76.1% of learners playing the full version agreed that ParabolaX helped them understand quadratic functions compared to only 50% of those who played the basic version.