Threadz: Image-Matching Using Colors and Contrasts

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Greg Wolffe, wolffe@gvsu.edu

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One of the objectives of the furniture industry is to help customers match fabric options with their home or office décor. In particular, the ability to automatically search through a fabric database by color would be valuable for designers and customers alike. However, text- based color descriptions are subjective: “red” and “blue” have too wide a range, and it is difficult to reach agreement on terms such as “pale” or “electric”. Therefore, the best option is to have the user present a direct visual representation of the color they desire.

The goal of this project was to develop a two-tiered application to solve the color communication problem. The first part is an Android application, which allows the user to deliver an image off a digital device via the gallery/device storage or the camera. The idea is that a user could bring in a digital image of their carpeting, walls or other furniture. An intelligent front end processes the image to extract meaningful color information. The second part of the solution implements a Tomcat-based web service that receives color information sent from the device and interfaces with a fabric database. Both tiers use OpenCV, an open-source real-time computer vision library, to implement search and comparison routines. The result is a solution that returns a selection of matching fabrics, including the use of similarity metrics to determine complementary colors.

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