iBusinessReports: An Android App for Managing Personal Finances

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. D. Robert Adams, adams@cis.gvsu.edu

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“iBusinessReports” is an Android app to manage personal finances. Users can track income and expenses, view personal finance reports, create reminders, and find local ATMs and banks. Many types of income and expenses can be tracked: phone service, electricity/Gas, school, internet/telephone/cable services, travel, Insurance, shopping, dining, medical, grocery, and other daily expense. The app supports several types of reporting graphs including pie charts, bar graphs, line graph etc. Based on the reports user can forecast their future expense or do the analysis on the past expenses and plan their budget accordingly. Reminders can be created to make sure the user enters their income and expenses on a regular basis or reminder to pay bills, etc. So ‘iBusinessReports’, acts like personal assistant to give friendly reminder to pay the bills, can make out trending analysis from their expenses made using various reports and also forecast their budget apart from this some additional features like to find ATM's and Banks.

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