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Dr. Jonathan Engelsma,

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Blackboard Learn is the current IT supported Learning Management System at Grand Valley State University. This system has gained popularity at GVSU and much of the faculty use it for their courses, and therefore students use Blackboard for their course work. In the fall of 2013 over 95% of students have at least one class that is using this system, and because of the widespread use many students would like to access Blackboard with their mobile device. Currently GVSU students can check their class schedule, gather current news, track the location of a bus, look at their final grades, and much more from free mobile apps developed at GVSU. However there is no free app for student to access their courses on blackboard. This project will develop a free Android app for GVSU blackboard. This project will require a backend Java application (Blackboard Building Block) and an Android app. The features of the application will allow student to view their most recent announcements, their next due assignments, and any grades for their currently available assignments. It will be free and branded for GVSU. Finally the application will be able to be changed and adapted to fit the growing mobile needs of the University.