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Dr. Yonglei Tao,

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Corporations associated with the supply chain industry depend heavily upon business intelligence to transform raw data into core metrics and key performance indicators. Because these types of measurements are critical in supporting strategic, day-to-day business decisions, both visibility and accessibility are of equal importance in order to facilitate effective management of transportation activity within the supply chain. Often times, analysts engaged in this industry have a need to regularly review these metrics not only individually but also simultaneously - and at various different hierarchical levels. It is through this type of analysis that analysts can begin to identify potential cause and effect relationships between metrics and take action in order to correct the issues that these relationships reveal. The purpose of this project is to create an application that transforms typical sets of transportation supply chain key performance indicators into an interactive mind map and explore the potential benefits of this result. The goal is to be able to use this output as a vehicle to quickly identify transportation related issues within the supply chain and expose relationships that are occasionally lost or difficult to identify within large analytical spreadsheets or amongst a group of individualized, detached reports.