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Dr. Jonathan Leidig,

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A Digital library is a managed collection of digital information associated with services. Information is organized systematically for easier retrieval. The digital content can be stored locally or can be accessed remotely via computer networks. A digital library is a form of an information retrieval system. For digital collections, a digital library can provide services to select, organize, offer authorized access, interpret, distribute, and preserve over time. Digital library require:

  • Relational databases that support a variety of digital formats,
  • Full text search engines to index, retrieve, and provide access to documents, and
  • Document management functions.

One of the most important issues faced for creating a digital library is handling metadata. Metadata describes the content and attributes of a particular item in a digital library. The prominent scheme is Dublin Core, which is an effort to determine the “core” elements needed to describe documents.

This project involved developing a digital library for university research projects. This can be used as a platform for faculty and students to showcase their projects, publications, datasets, and other kinds of digital content. Every user is given a user account and can use appropriate digital library services based on the permissions they have. Guest users can take the advantage of viewing, downloading, and commenting on the documents uploaded for public use. Administrator services include adding new categories of documents, editing or deleting the present categories, and removing flagged documents or videos by the users of the digital library. Professors can use a set of predefined groups or create their own dynamic groups to share content. Students can share their documents with predefined groups. This digital library was developed using MYSQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap and Java Scripts. Dublin core metadata terms are used to represent resources such as documents and videos and provide search mechanisms.