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Dr. Jonathan Engelsma,

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Despite the increase sales in entertainment options such as Video On Demand, digital purchases, and subscription streaming, physical disc media sales is still a multi-billion dollar industry. The purchase of physical media discs (such as Blu-rays and DVDs) continues to be a popular option for home entertainment [1]. Many consumers have created a vast collection of movies and it can be difficult to manage them all. These consumers may be asking the following questions. How many movies do I own? Do I already own that movie? Have I upgraded my DVD to a Blu-ray yet? If you own a collection of 30 or less movies these questions are easy to answer. But if you have a collection of several hundred these questions get more difficult. This is where the Movie Manager Android app comes in. It allows users to upload their movie collection to the cloud. Users can then rate movies, track whom they have lent a movie out to and manage what formats they own (Blu-ray, DVD, etc.). The app features a rich user interface that will allow users to see key information about a movie such as the release date, cast, MPAA rating, duration, synopsis, and more. This project involved the reimplementation of an Android app created for CIS 680 Mobile Application Development. The user interface was given a complete redesign and new features were added such as barcode scanning, cloud storage provided by, user rating, and loan management. This study will also examine some of the analytics gathered after it was published to the Google Play Store.