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Dr. Yonglei Tao,

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Project management software help an organization to improve their project planning, control their operational costs, manage their budget, allocate their resources, and much more. This type of software can address all these issues for both small and large business. Project management software makes business operations flow in smooth processes for both simple and complex issues. Every project conducted within a business includes planning aspects, managing aspects, and execution aspects. These aspects can be easily controlled with an effective project management software program, also being compatible with budget and time constraints. The most advantageous aspect of using project management software is it increases the effectiveness in teamwork, and improves positive collaboration between the team members.

Engineers of Aspen Surgical Products, Inc. manage their projects by using Microsoft Excel software, which is a very time consuming and inefficient way. It also takes long time for the Engineering Manager to track the update of all the engineers’ projects. There is no easy way to sort out the projects based on the engineers’ name, type of project, status of project, etc. by using Microsoft Excel. The purpose of this project is to develop a project management app for the engineering department of Aspen Surgical Products, Inc. The app is expected to reduce the time of the engineers in managing their projects by developing an easy to use, user-friendly program, and which can also bring a project’s issues that need to be addressed immediately to the user’s attention. Engineers will be able to create new projects and track their projects effectively using this app and update the details whenever necessary. Engineering manager will have the option to search the projects based on the name of the engineer, participation type, type of the project, and status of the project. This will save extensive amount of time for the Managers as well as other users in managing and planning their projects in any kind of organization.