Alibi: an Android Platform Mobile Application Utilizing the Google Play Game Services SDK

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Hans Dulimarta, dulimarh@cis.gvsu.edu

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The Google Play Game Services SDK offers game developers a variety of features such as user accounts that can be readily adapted to their games. Using previous knowledge of the Java programming language and iOS platform mobile application development, the author developed Alibi, an Android platform mobile game application based on the popular word game Mad Libs. Mad Libs involves one player prompting the other to suggest nouns, verbs, and other word types. These words are then inserted into a story, producing a nonsensical tale both players can enjoy reading aloud. Alibi utilizes Google Play Game Services to implement a turn-based multiplayer game structure that allows the game to track word suggestions on behalf of the players, allowing both players to suggest words during the game. In this iteration of the game, one player initiates a new game of Alibi, takes a turn suggesting a word and ends their turn, thereupon passing their game to the next player. The game continues until both players have suggested enough words to complete a detective story, which both players then read in full.

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