Data Analysis of CIS 350 – Simple ATM Simulator

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Paul Jorgensen

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GVSU offers a course of Intro to Software Engineering: CIS 350 for undergrads, which covers system analysis and design concepts, tools, and techniques. In this course, an assignment was given to test the student’s ability to find purposely planted errors within a series of use cases and a central user story, describing a Simple ATM Simulator. Once acquiring their responses, I developed a finite state machine diagram of the user story, correct versions of the use cases, a list of known discovered errors, and logged each students’ findings accordingly to be analyzed for correlations. The data used was based on their scores, the numbers of hours spent on the assignment, which errors were found, and which course section the students were in. Results showed a distinct correlation of the same errors found between all sections, and when comparing the average time spent per error, showed a high correlation between class size and average score received. A big suggestion for future analysis would be to time the amount of minutes between each error found, to further quantify time spent on each error, rather than utilize total time spent on the project averaged to the frequency found. This would give a more exact amount and a more accurate correlation rate throughout the project.

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