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Dr. Yonglei Tao,

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Personalized Movie Database System (PMDS) is a dynamic web application created for the purpose of viewing basic information about movies such as casting, trailers, ratings etc. It is designed as a one-stop destination for the user to access the movies that are Coming Soon, In Theatres or DVD/Blu-ray/Digital. Besides displaying the ratings from popular websites such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, PMDS allows user to rate the movies. For the movies that are running in Theatres, PMDS displays movie show timings based on the user’s location. For the movies available in DVD/Digital versions, it provides the links to buy/stream them online. In addition to these, PMDS also suggests the similar movies that might interest the user.

PMDS application has a rich, user-friendly Graphical User Interface design developed using Wordpress and PHP. The movie data is obtained from available APIs provided by IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and other official API providers. The data, which is static for a particular movie (Eg. Cast, Plot, Poster etc.), is fetched from the APIs and stored into MySQL database using JSON/XML. The data that may vary with time such as Ratings, Show times etc. are fetched in real time by calling the respective APIs.