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Dr. Jonathan Engelsma,

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Since 2006, an unprecedented and alarming decline of honey bee populations has puzzled the apiculture community: approximately 30% of the bee population has been lost each winter. Since upwards of one third of the nation’s food is directly or indirectly produced by bees, this rate of depletion is cause for concern. The goal of the Bee Informed Partnership5 is to better evaluate, understand and reduce bee colony losses. One of their programs centers around a Hive Scale Portal being co-developed with GVSU’s School of Computing and Information Systems. This network is designed to monitor key hive metrics and collect this data nationwide for research purposes. A web portal that gives beekeepers and entomologists insight into their data accompanies the hive scales deployed in the field. A key part of the Hive Scale Portal is an interactive graph displaying hive data collected 24x7 from live colonies in the field. However, the original graphing software (Dygraphs) used by the portal was limited and in need of visual and technical improvements. The purpose of this project is to enhance the portal by evaluating a series of JavaScript graphing libraries, selecting/implementing the best candidate, and extending or customizing its functionality as needed. A total of ten different open-source graphing packages were evaluated based on the project requirements, and Highcharts selected and integrated in the end.