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Dr. Yonglei Tao,

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Information sharing these days is becoming very common in the Internet through various website, be it news website, be it educational forum, etc. Everyday people depend more and more on the sources available in the Internet.

However lot of people can’t acquire information and at the same time contribute information using the same platform on various topics.

The objective of this system is to provide platform to everyone who wants to contribute their ideas or any articles, or even ask questions, etc. that can be developed as an innovative Web based application called “Knowledge Guru” which is a knowledge sharing application.

The front end web designing was done using bootstrap framework in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 using HTML5. Bootstrap framework comes with CSS, JavaScript and JQuery which makes it easier to design the front end. One of the important features of bootstrap is providing scalability over multiple devices. Adobe Photoshop CS6 was used to edit and customize images. A web server known as XAMPP was used as the development environment. The programming language used is PHP, the database server used is MySQL and the Web Server used is Apache. PhpMyAdmin is used as a tool to control database.

This application allows users to register in the system using Username, email id, profession and creating a password. After they register, the system will create a profile for each user which would be accessible and viewable by other users. The users can then access this application using their email id and password. The users from any profession or background can use the system. They can be anyone from Doctors, programmers, teachers to students, historians, etc. This application would benefit large diversity of people wanting to share any information with among them and mostly those who doesn’t have a lot of experience using the knowledge sharing application