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Dr. Yonglei Tao,

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Carpooling is car-sharing or ride-sharing so that more people can use one vehicle which reduces each person’s travel cost such as fuel costs, tolls and the stress of driving. It is seen as more environmental friendly and sustainable way to travel as sharing journeys reduces carbon emissions, traffic congestion on the roads and the need for parking spaces. Ride-sharing is encouraged especially during high pollution periods and high fuel prices. Though, there are numerous carpool applications available online. GVSU do not have a carpooling application specific only to GVSU. With this intention, ride sharing application is being developed for GVSU.

This web based application is developed using PHP Laravel web application Framework which makes the development easy for common tasks used in majority of web projects such as authentication, routing, sessions, queuing and caching and expressive migration system. Bootstrap, which is the popular HMTL, CSS and Java Script frame work for developing web applications is used in this project. To search for the geographical locations, Google Places API is used. To store the data, MySQL database and Apache Tomcat is the server used to build this application. Carpooling web application provides one platform for people (who are available to give a ride) to create a pickup where he can enter the details such as name, phone number, email ID, availability time, pickup location, destination, fare , number of seats available in the car and the preferences. Users who need a ride can login to the application and search for the available rides. They can also pull up the details of the available ride using the Book now option. The client can view the number of available seats which is updated each time a user reserves a ride. This application may have a potential of daily use at Grand Valley State University.