Easy Emailer, a Simplified Way to Schedule and Send Personalized Mass Emails

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Christian Trefftz, trefftzc@gvsu.edu

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With the numerous unrestrained demands on network resources on any given work day, the network can become bogged down or even overwhelmed by the sheer amount of traffic sent over its precious finite bandwidth during peak times and yet, scarcely utilized during off-peak times. One solution to this dilemma is to schedule as many tasks as possible to times when the demands on the network are at their lowest to balance the levels of stress placed on the network. When it comes to emails many are required to be sent immediately, yet some, for instance bulk emails could wait to be transmitted during the off-peak time such as the middle of the night when network traffic is at its lowest. This project was meant to address that issue by creating a Graphical User Interface (GUI) program that integrates with a database and permits the users to utilize an existing email account that allows Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to email customers at any chosen scheduled time in the future. The program also has the capability to personalize the emails by merging database fields into the email. The program is meant to be simplistic so the users will not be required to have any knowledge of the Structure Query Language (SQL) in order to make use of this program.

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