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Dr. Jonathan Engelsma,

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We all belong to groups of some sort. Some of these groups exist solely online, while others bring us out into the physical realm, co-locating with other members. For those groups that are primarily online, we have tools like social networking, email groups, and online forums. However, for groups that require physical meetings, these tools often do not fit the bill. This is especially true for groups that care about attendance at each meeting.

Assemble is an iOS app that was developed to fit into this niche. It allows for the quick creation of a group. All that is needed is a group name. Within a group, the owner of the group can create sessions, which can easily be joined by others. Upon joining a session, the user becomes a member of the group and can see when subsequent sessions take place. The owner of the group can see all of the members and additionally the attendance for each session.

The goal of this project was to make the taking of attendance as quick and painless as possible for everyone involved. This allows for the group to focus on the purpose of their meeting, instead of worrying about signing in or calling roll. This paper will detail and reflect on the implementation of the project, examine other tools that are used in this space, and discuss future plans for the Assemble app.