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Dr. Jonathan Engelsma,

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I am working in Johnson Center at GVSU. Majority projects from Johnson center are using Geocodes for address for projects. Geocode is useful to display address in Google map. We can have geocode for address only if address is correct. At work, we got address from client for school, house location, organization location etc. But, sometimes people made mistakes by typing wrong address in form, then we will not get geocode for that address. And, we cannot display that address in map. So, we need to find that all address from master address file for geocode. For single address we need to search in whole file. This task is time consuming. I got an idea from Johnson center for my project. I decided to make one tool which can convert wrong address to correct address and it will find geocode for that address. Tool will find Geocodes for around 100 address in 1 minute instead of couple of hours. It is a tool to conversion of incorrect address to correct address and find Geocodes for that address and provides output in the form of excel file.