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Dr. Jonathan Engelsma,

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Technology is a key enabler for people to learn new things. Most people do not know how to find these resources using the technology that is available to them. Since the birth of the World Wide Web (WWW) over 25 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee’s goal was to provide a way to share information and ideas between scientists and universities across the world. Since that time the World Wide Web has exploded with data and people can easily share knowledge with each other. Today many colleges offer lectures, courses and whole degrees programs on the WWW. Today with all that information and advances in technology, many users still do not know what information is available and how to access it. Today people can search using Google or look for videos on YouTube but many users cannot effectively find help themselves.

For a company, price is not the reason for customer churn. Poor customer service is. What if customers could easily get help without having to talk to customer service? Help Me! Allows users to scan bar codes, take pictures or enter product names and find tutorial help videos to assist them to find these resources. Help Me! Is deployed on Heroku using Ruby on Rails for a back-end Rest API. Following the mobile first philosophy, apps have been created for the Android and iOS platforms providing users tutorials and help with their products.