An Integrated Registration System for Automotive Parts

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. D. Robert Adams, adamsr@gvsu.edu

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An automotive parts testing company wants to make the process of registering new automotive parts for testing more efficient. Currently, the company accepts test requests from aftermarket parts manufacturers via email, postal mail, and fax; a process that is inefficient and error prone.

The purpose of this project is to develop a web-based application that parts manufacturers can log into and submit new part registration details. Users will also have the ability to view parts submission history. The application will be the primary bridge between parts manufacturers and the testing company that maintains a database of tests. They want a system that uses wizard-based approach to gather information from manufacturers while adhering to business rules.

The tester’s environment consists of: a SQL Server 2012 database and IIS 7.5 server. The solution utilizes a 3- tier ASP.NET design architecture. At the presentation tier are web forms. For Part Registration, a Multiview control is used to split data entry into a series of steps. The Business tier utilizes C# for Code-Behind to perform all part registration while adhering to the tester’s business logic. The Presentation layer uses Javascript to display registration history, filtering, sorting, and searching. The ADO.NET entity framework provides data access and connection to the Data tier. The data tier comprises of a SQL Server 2012 database and stored procedures.

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