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Dr. D. Robert Adams,

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Any IT project requires discipline, commitment, and collaboration to be successful. Without these three key ideas, a project may fail or may not meet its deadline and budget. However, there are many tools that can be used to help manage any project successfully. The goal of this project is to find an online tool that undergraduate students can use to manage their CIS 467 capstone project successfully. Most students who take this course do not see the value of these tools because they don’t see any specific value in using such a tool. Furthermore, no one specific tool was recommended so students were left to their own devices to find a suitable tool. Our objective is to find a tool that is free or affordable for students, and easy to use. Free or affordable monthly cost will encourage students to use the tool, and ease of use will ensure students have little excuse to use the tool. It is imperative that the tool bring value to student projects and help them manage their projects successfully. We have evaluated over forty online tools. We have applied criteria to these tools to narrow down the number to six candidate tools. Then we used these six tools one by one in a simulated project to find out which one is the best for students. Using our experience, we recommend three tools for use in CIS 467.