Book Sharing in University

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Yonglei Tao, taoy@gvsu.edu

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Book sharing in university is actually an extended help by the students to fellow students. Any student with in the university can share books related to academic, comics, novels or may be some self- prepared notes. Two aspects in which it will be beneficial is that it will help decreasing the cost that we spent on books and it will help in enhancing the positive environment among students. It will create a platform to get to know more people and has the chance to share their knowledge. Book sharing is encouraged as it is very much easier to buy/sell books here when compared to online which comprises shipping costs and time. On the other hand, students can rent their books to other students for a semester for cheap or for free.

Book sharing web application Is developed using JAVA/ JSP servlets web technologies. Mysql was chosen as a relational database and Apache Tomcat 9.0 to host the web application. This application will allow students to rent or sell books with minimum ease by just adding book information like department, category and image with little description about the book. The user can search for the book he wants and communicate with the owner by comment or email. This web application may have potential and scope of extent for daily use in a university.

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