SportBazaar – An E-commerce Platform

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Dr. Yonglei Tao, taoy@gvsu.edu

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SportBazaar is an online e-commerce platform to sell sports goods and equipment. The origin of the word ‘Bazaar’ comes from Parthian language with a meaning ‘marketplace’. SportBazaar web application provides one platform for people to buy goods and equipment related to sports. Sport personnel who need anything related to sports can login to the application and search for the available products. They can also pull up the details of the available sports goods using the Buy now option and also Add to cart option for multiple products. Online shopping is an excellent way to bring all the vendors to one place which eventually marks best negotiable price deals. It’s obvious that online shopping sites partner with courier providers and product price may vary depending on delivery date. SportBazaar can directly or indirectly help individual’s by providing fast, reliable services and also bring down the price.

The user interface components were built using the HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Java Server Pages. Servlets were used as controllers in the Framework. Persistent API (JPA) used for developing web applications. MySQL database and Apache Tomcat is the server used to build this application. The business logic is obvious with authentication, routing, sessions, queuing and caching and expressive migration system. The total application has been built on MVC architecture.


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