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TRIO Upward Bound program helps high school students from traditionally underserved backgrounds reach their potential by earning a college degree. They help students to build the academic skills, motivation and self-confidence necessary for success in a college by providing university tours as a part of the program. During a university tour, the Upward Bound staff members are responsible for tracking attendance for students by carrying separate files to each location and recording information in them. Of course this is extremely cumbersome and error-prone. At end of the day, staff members have the additional burden of counting the number of hours each student spent on a location, meals ordered on each day, placing a food request order, and also preparing a manual report for scholarship purposes.

The Summer UB application was created to support Upward Bound staff members. This application reduces the manual effort needed to take attendance and manage information by providing a mobile application. Summer UB makes it easy for a staff member to track any student if they get separated at any location during the tour. The app also makes it easier for staff member to track the number of meals served per day and make an appropriate decision in placing order to food services department the next day. The Summer UB application also provides a web dashboard for staff. The dashboard produces a detailed student activity and meal reports about any given day, which reduces manual effort for staff members in preparing reports. These reports are compatible with any system. The dashboard also has an options for staff members to add, view, edit, delete and modify any student activity if necessary. The Upward Bound staff will pilot test the Summer UB app in Summer 2017 and planned to use for daily purposes. This project has also been planned to be scalable for other schools and universities.