Test Case Generation Tool: Event-Driven Petri Nets

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Paul Jorgensen, jorgensp@gvsu.edu

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One of the most important tasks of a Software Test Engineer is to identify and create test cases to verify that the software is functioning correctly. In model-based testing systems, test cases are derived from a given model, such as a finite state machine or flowchart. The purpose of this project is to develop a method for generating test cases from a user-defined Event-Driven Petri Net (EDPN). Users create EDPNs using port input events, port output events, data places, and transitions, and then add tokens to the inputs/outputs in preparation for execution. Enabled transitions can be fired during execution, and tokens are shuffled around as applicable. Once the user determines that the test case is sufficient, a unique text file with the test case information is saved. This project resolves the issue of requirements tracing, since the requirements are the model itself. Overall, this tool provides a method to software test engineers to make testing more efficient, and to make the life of an engineer easier.

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