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Technology has a tremendous impact on the potential for growth and success of any business or organization. Whether an organization already acquires elements of success, such as having great products and or service offering, good customer focus, and employees who are passionate about its development, the organization must integrate to its norms, an understanding of the full value of IT, in order to maintain the same level of success in this day and age. Without the use of technology, a business cannot function, let alone grow, meaning that technology is the future of business. Although businesses have been using technology for several decades, not all businesses appreciate or understand its impact enough to see it as the future of business.

The opportunities with technology are supporting organizational goals and strategy, to creating a culture and structure for continuous improvement. Information Technology is a change agent, and change is the key to not going obsolete. It allows businesses to better tap into their creative senses and be innovative, which is highly needed in a world that is continuously evolving. The present and future generation will never live in a world that is not dominated by technology. Therefore, the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers who employ Millennials today must embrace or at least be open to technology and technology strategies if they are to keep Millennials engaged. Because when/if businesses can use technology as part of creating an environment for more positive experience at work, they will undoubtedly witness much higher levels of discretionary effort from their employees. Thus, activating competitive advantage and boosting growth