Glitch Detection and Analysis (GDA) in Wireless ad hoc Neworks

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Vijay Bhuse, vijay_bhuse@gvsu.edu

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Even a single misbehaving node that refuses to forward the packets, would result in degradation of the overall performance in ad hoc networks. We propose a system that would overcome this challenge when implemented in real time. Nodes can misbehave or undermine the network performance in multiple ways where they sometimes drop the packets in a selective manner (selective packet dropping) or completely (continuous packet dropping). Misbehaving nodes must be identified and eliminated in advance, to establish a reliable trustworthy route for communication.

We propose and develop a standalone application to explain the concept and functionality of a ad hoc network based on the trustworthy nodes and reliable routes. Reliability of the node is determined while transferring the packets from the source to the destination. We call this the reputation of the node. An audit analysis of nodes based on their reputation values, when used in multiple possible paths, determine the best nodes. A path that has these trustworthy nodes is referred to as the trustworthy path. GDA looks for the trustworthy paths for communication. This system thus avoids the performance issues in the ad hoc networks because of misbehaving nodes.

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