Open Data: A User-Owned Centralized Data Repository

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Jonathan Leidig, jonathan.leidig@gvsu.edu

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A centralized data repository allows for accurate, consumer-generated data to be accessed by third parties while eliminating the need for data redundancies and inaccurate information. Current data strategies force multiple companies to request, store, protect, and maintain accurate records on each user - causing data redundancy, inaccuracy, increased risks, and a lack of transparency. With human-centric data quickly becoming more important in decision-making, it is imperative that this information becomes democratized to act as a catalyst for innovation and research while increasing the transparency of its use. Open Data was created to serve as a centralized repository of user data, using three separate AWS instances to allow for scalability, visualization, and reconfiguration as data grows. Based on user-contributed personal information, Open Data provisions content for 3rd party entities to purchase and access using microtransactions (e.g., political polling and surveys) or fulfill value-added requests from users (e.g., mortgage preapproval).

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