Database Synchronization in a Server Client Model

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. D. Robert Adams, adamsr@gvsu.edu

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Small mobile oriented applications usually have a small database that interacts with a central server synchronizing the data when the mobile device is online. There are many NoSQL options available on the market but none are simple enough for use as an embedded database and interact with standalone Relational Database Management Systems like MySQL or Oracle.

The goal of the project is to understand how synchronization is achieved in the case of distributed database systems through a simple implementation. An application was developed using a server-client model with MySQL database on the server side and SQLite on the client side.

The control of consistency and availability was baked into the application on both the Android and the Java server applications. By limiting the cache on the client, a virtual storage based limit was set on how long the offline mode can be continued in the absence of network connectivity.

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