Real Time Visualization and Analysis of Tweets

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Jerry Scripps, scrippsj@gvsu.edu

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Develop an application or a tool that will enable a user to get a bigger picture of what is happening around GVSU using twitter as social media. The idea behind this approach is to analyze and study tweets that are being posted by followers of Grand Valley State University.

The medium of sharing information has changed rapidly over the last few years. Social network website like Facebook and Twitter are being used in a way that shape politics, business, world culture, education, careers, innovation, and more. Considering this huge impact of social networking website, my goal in this project was to gather data from twitter in real time. For limiting the scope of this project, I decided to collect only tweets from the users that are following Grand Valley State University. This tool will help the end user understand a community around a seed node by finding most popular people, hastags tweets and more.

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