Development of a Mobile Friendly Self-Service Experience at Grand Rapids Community College

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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Jonathan Engelsma; jonathan.engelsma@gvsu.edu

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Computer use reflects the development of technology from the powerful desktop computers, to portable laptops, to small handheld smartphones. Users today want the capability to perform tasks from anywhere at any time with any device. In order to meet these demands and stay relevant, organizations must adopt and implement updated technologies. This project focuses on a need to adjust to the technological shift at Grand Rapids Community College. The college’s self-service system, originally developed in the early 2000’s, no longer met the needs of the campus community. Especially mobile phone users were unsatisfied with the experience. To solve the problems with the current system, this project leveraged web development tools and new programming capabilities, recently added to PeopleSoft, to create a responsive experience for all users regardless of the device. The new interface was successfully deployed on November 12, 2018, and continues to serve the college community.

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