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Dr. Jagadeesh Nandigam; nandigaj@gvsu.edu

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APP IDEA: Today where people use internet a lot people would like to know all the details at once rather than search for individual item, so did I when I first moved to Grand rapids. Coming to US was overwhelming to me as I have no relatives to guide me for where to get my groceries, electronic or even suggest any theatres to watch a movie and so many other basic essential things. This happens to everyone going to new place. So, I had an idea to create a website that shows all the data required. We can get the data of anything around us by opening Google and typing the thing that we want along with “near me” and we get the information about it, but if we want to do the same for multiple things then we need to type in again and do the search which is cumbersome. My app would eliminate such problem by allowing user to choose from the given point of interests in the website and getting the result in the same page and there is no need to go back to another search.

APP FUNCTIONALITY: The user goes to the website and is greeted with a message which ask them to share their location. Once the user grants the permission then they are taken to the page which contains the categories on the left-hand side and in the middle, there is map with user’s current location and on the right-hand side is the results page. Suppose if the user wants to find some malls near him the he clicks on the malls row and then on the map the user gets all the malls near them and can adjust the result by varying the radius of the search, and if the user selects any other category it should do the same. The user can also go to routes page to and enter an origin and destination to get the routes in three formats such as walking, Transit and Driving. User can also leave feedback of the places that they visited by going to the reviews link.

TOOLS USED: HTML, CSS and for Java Script I am thinking of using AngularJS along with Firebase as backend because it is good for the development of a single page application.

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