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ACS Masters Student


Dr. Byron DeVries,

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Flutter, Firebase, Frisbee Golf, Disc Golf


The project is a mobile application that will allow users to track scores while they play Frisbee Golf. The app is built for those like me who enjoy playing Frisbee/Disc Golf and would like to track their scores. In the mobile world, there are two prevailing operating systems, iOS and Android. Both have their strengths and weakness, however, the problems that arise for developers is that both ecosystems require that applications on their format be in different coding languages. A solution to that is Flutter, which allows developers to build an app entirely in DART, then automatically optimizes the app so that it can work and be published in both ecosystems. Flutter itself is a new UI software development kit made by Google. While this app is currently been tested in the Android environments, since it is built-in Flutter, there is a future pathway to iOS development already built-in. This app uses Google Firebase, a cloud-based solution that allows hosting and many other features for mobile apps and websites, for authentication services and data storage. This Frisbee Golf app supports multiple pages including the play page and scores page. The play and score pages allow users to record and review their scores at their leisure.