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ACS Masters Student


Dr. Zachary Kurmas,

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Language, Vocabulary, Translator, Android, Firebase


For any student learning a foreign language, the process of looking up unfamiliar words and and understanding their context can be tedious at times.

The Language Vocabulary Builder aims to help self-learners conceptually understand more about the phrases they read in articles, newspapers, or lectures. Upon launching the app, a user is asked to copy and paste a body of text in the text field. Using Natural Language APIs provided by Google, known words are analyzed and are displayed in a simplistic, easy-to-understand format. Wiktionary, one of the largest open-source dictionaries, provides enhanced information about individual words.

The Android app is available on Google Play and was written natively using Kotlin. Firebase Cloud Functions and Cloud Storage were used as a back-end platform. Google Natural Language APIs and Wiktionary were both used to analyze and provide information about words inputted by users.