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Obesity has been a major public health issue in the U.S. in recent years. While the issue of obesity is dealt with by a number of approaches, the use of mobile devices is a fairly recent technology that could be useful in helping people develop healthier dietary habits. Studies have shown that the effective use of diet health apps can lead to positive weight loss changes.

The purpose of creating this web application is to stretch knowledge about using nutrition and diet applications which will help users eat well by monitoring calories and controlling eating habits. This web application allows users to monitor calories by searching for the food consumed by users and monitoring food patterns. It allows the user to search for information in three areas including recipes, exercise, and food. It also allows the user to track their calories on a daily basis.

This web application is a simple, cost-effective, responsive and a timely solution. This project is created by using JavaScript frameworks. In the front- end, a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript was used.

For the time being, it focuses on the number of calories food holds, healthy recipes, and exercise programs. In the future, nutrition and diet applications can be improved by developing the functionalities to track the number of steps taken in a day by the user, suggesting tips based on the user’s profile and protecting data.

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