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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Zachary Kurmas,

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PaperJS, Marching Band, Drill Writing, Heroku


The idea for this project came as a friend going through the Music Education program lamented how difficult it is to write drill for marching band. There is one primary application that is used for writing marching band drill, and it comes with two major pitfalls: It is complex, and it is expensive. DrillPad is designed with the goal of addressing those pitfalls. Creating a web-based drill writing application makes it available for free, or a low cost. The different features that DrillPad provides revolve around adding and moving performers easily and quickly.

This project makes heavy use of the web graphics library, PaperJS, from the creation of the marching field’s grid, to rendering the performers, even down to the animation. DrillPad utilizes PostgreSQL on the back-end and is deployed on Heroku.