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CIS Masters Student


Dr. Jonathan Engelsma,

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Quarkus, React Native, Android, Mobile Application, Book, Personal Library


This project consisted of developing a full-stack mobile application to track individuals’ personal book libraries. Users were able to create accounts, import book data, categorize books by tags, organize books in virtual shelves and search the library. The ultimate goal of the project was to develop expertise in mobile application development and gain new experience with a modern framework, and therefore React Native [1] was chosen. To manage the app’s data a server backend was implemented using the open source Quarkus [2] framework and data was stored in a Postgres [3] database. In addition to developing the mobile app and backend a small- scale publicly accessible deployment using a Raspberry Pi [4] as the host was built. This was performed in order to learn some mechanisms that later could be used in a future production cloud deployment that could support a public release of the LibTracker app. Overall the project began with merely the concept and progressed through learning React Native from scratch all the way to a fully functional proof of concept grade prototype with all the basic features necessary to track one’s personal book library.