Developing an Interactive P2P-Water Modeling System

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Dr. Yonglei Tao, taoy@gvsu.edu

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My project is to develop an interactive P2P (Puddle-filling to Puddle-merging)-water modeling system to support research, teaching, and learning at Annis Water Resources Institute. Capabilities of this system include loading data into a database, preprocessing the data, running a simulation, post-processing the results, and 3-D visualization. As such, it allows the user to obtain a better understanding on P2P dynamics and relevant hydrologic modeling processes. A prototype of the intended system in C# was available at the beginning of this project. But it was incomplete in functionality and too slow in loading data for processing. Hence, the first task was to understand and analyze the existing program. And the successive tasks were to redesign the user interface, complete the major functionality, and improve the performance. A brief discussion on problems, solutions, and experiences in this project is provided.

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