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Paul C. Jorgensen,

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This thesis presents research and proposes a framework for increasing the breadth and depth of interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of computer science. The intent is to address an increasing problem of complexity in software and computing systems. The approach is to equip software developers and computer scientists with a contextual perspective and a set of strategies for injecting innovation and creativity into the solutions they design by leveraging knowledge and models outside the traditional realm of computer science. A review of current and historical forms of interdisciplinarity and biomimicry are presented to build that context. The strategies presented include interdisciplinary education, interdisciplinary collaboration, interdisciplinary tools, biomimetic design, and the creation of new pattern languages based on nature's design solutions. Each of these strategies stems from and leads to an open exchange of knowledge across disciplinary boundaries. When taken together, the knowledge and strategies presented are intended to inspire and foster a paradigm that recognizes the value of human and natural diversity as a source of innovation.

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