Anaglym: A Graphics Engine Providing Secure Execution of Applications

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Dr. Robert Adams, adams@cis.gvsu.edu

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In today's world the Internet is useful for distribution of software applications and aids software author in gaining exposure by giving away free programs or demo programs. This often happens in the video game industry, as people playing a game they enjoy will often tell others about it. One problem that can arise with software distribution using the Internet is that insecure applications may be transmitted from one user to another. Such “malware” can include viruses and spyware, and could be hidden inside of a legitimate-looking application. Technologies for executing web-based applications such as javascript and flash can help alleviate this security problem to some extent, by providing a “sandboxed” environment in which to execute applications. The problem with these technologies is that they do not allow accelerated 2D or 3D graphics to be used and consequently they are not suitable for graphics-intensive applications such as 3D video games.

 The Anaglym engine solves these problems by providing a secure environment in which to execute hosted applications but allows them to perform operations which utilize accelerated graphics hardware for real-time interactive applications. Utilizing an interpreted high-level language, Anaglym is also suitable for rapid prototyping of interactive 3D graphics applications.

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